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  • LIVE sessions with a trainer Monday through Friday
  • Get immediate feedback on your form and technique
  • Customized exercise modifications for your body type and abilities
  • Watch the replay of live workouts in case you miss a session


  • Access to our exclusive Plant-Based 30-Day Transformation program if you’re thinking of switching to a plant-based easting plan
  • Access the Body Type 6-Week Challenge for people who want to exercise and eat right for their body type (includes video tutorials, pdf guides, meal plans, and more)


    • Access to a database of pre-recorded workouts to fit your schedule
    • Post and share your fitness wins and setback in real life, outside of your workouts
    • Grow your passion for physical activity and adventure
    • Discover what living and active and healthy lifestyle look like for you


    • Access to a database of pre-recorded workouts to fit your schedule
    • Choose from our signature lineup of Core, Legs, Backs & Biceps, Chest & Shoulders, Cardio Workouts
    • 10-, 20-, 30-minute Yoga and TRX Yoga
    • 1 Month of Machine Workouts to do in your local fitness facility

    additional programs available




    • 18 Personal training sessions with our coaches (3 weekly 45-minute sessions)
    • Customized meal guides
    • Member portal metrics tracking
    • Unlimited Online Group Training
    • BONUS 3-month membership access to the Dream Body Coaching Hub
    Customized 6-Week Workout Program

    USD 147.00

    • 1-hour assessment with a personal trainer
    • 6 Weeks Done-For-You customized workouts to do at home or at your local gym
    • One-time payment

    USD 257.00 / month

    • Access to nutrition, mindset, body type trainings inside the Dream Body Coaching Hub plus LIVE workouts
    • Customized nutrition plan for your body type and lifestyle
    • Weekly coaching call

    ALL-IN-ONE coaching hub

    supportive and friendly exercise & nutrition online group coaching

    for every body type and fitness level.. 

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    There are many programs to choose from and even more ‘free’ workouts online! How will you know if we’re a fit for you? Register your first workout here.

    Personal training can help if you’re struggling with chronic weight gain and chronic pain.

    Train according to your body’s abilities to improve your strength and conditioning. The program includes a customized exercise and nutrition plan to optimize fat loss and muscle gains so you feel good after every session.

    Book an appointment with a trainer to see if this program is the right fit for you.





    accelerated Weight Loss

    Weight loss isn’t the same as fat loss. You can lose weight quickly, but will it be healthy?

    If your goal is to achieve quick weight loss, you may rebound  and regain the weight again later – if not more weight!  To ditch this weight loss cycle for good, you can accelerate fat loss and prevent muscle loss with evidence-based resistance training.  You’ll continue to burn fat up to 48 hours after a single workout!


    When training 1-on-1 with our knowledgeable trainers, you’ll have guidance on proper execution of technique to increase or decrease the intensity of the exercise. Optimizing and periodizing your workouts for your fitness level will improve muscle definition, posture, help ease your joint pain, and boosting fat loss while increasing muscle definition.


    Injuries can create or add to existing setbacks that keep you from reaching your goals. It’s our job as personal trainers to evaluate flaws and imbalances in your body’s alignment that can lead to functional movement difficulties that affect daily living. Preventing an injury is easier to correct than rehabilitating one.  Limiting potential setbacks while working 1-on-1 with a trainer will also decrease joint inflammation, get you to a healthy body weight, and have you ditch the scale for good!


    “If I could give 10 stars for the staff, I would!
    I feel so comfortable every time I set foot in the gym. One of the best decisions I’ve made was to start my journey with this wonderful group of people.”

    Jessica Blondeau

    “I have been attending Boot Camp since the end of September and am really happy that I took the chance and checked them out. The format of half hour group sessions really works for me. The biggest thing though is the environment – Daniel and his staff go out of their way to be welcoming and challenging as do my fellow boot campers! There is a wide range of support here. The depth of the training is extraordinary, Daniel, Max and Kass are well educated and motivated trainers who I feel genuinely care about ensuring that the people they train are successful. If you are looking for a place where you can learn, be motivated and challenged no matter your fitness level – take the chance and walk in and talk to Daniel or Rebekah. I am very happy that I did.”

    Shannon Isaac

    “Truly amazing place. This is my favourite place to be. From the amazing owners and coaches, to the equally amazing members that I get the privilege of working out next to. I walked through the doors feeling like a 90 yr old and now I feel better then ever! It is not just the physical here it is the whole package. Literally when you sign up be prepared to gain a family!”

    Robb Grinsted

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