There’s more to setting up a home gym than just clearing out a spot in your basement and cramming stuff in a corner.


First, find a place in your house that has a minimum of 6′ x 6′ clearance from furniture that’s easily accessible and frequently visited. (Unless you spend a lot of time in the basement, it’s usually not the best place to put a home gym.)


And if you can’t find a place, you can *replace* your La-Z-Boy with your treadmill or elliptical.


Your gym should be easily visible so you don’t need to take the extra step to go downstairs.


Think of this as creating a workout “sanctuary” where you can flow easily through the exercises in your workout.


If you’re just getting started:


You can create a decent workout space even if you don’t have any equipment.  Your body is your gym, you can do calisthenic exercises by using your own bodyweight.


Besides bodyweight exercises, invest in a pair of dumbbells, kettlebells or barbell plates.  It doesn’t have to be anything too fancy.


For someone who trains regularly and would like to do more advanced at-home training, invest in a squat rack, a suspension trainer (TRX), and several sets of dumbbells ranging from light to heavy weights. 


This way, you’ll have enough versatility to achieve your goals as you progress.


Organize your gym by keeping the free weights around the perimeter of the wall so it is out of the way but can be easily seen and accessed.  


If you have a squat rack, you’ll need 4’ of clearance each side.  


Place your cardio machine (elliptical or treadmill) facing your TV, or facing your gym as a reminder of your goals.


But the most important thing you have to know, achieving your goals doesn’t actually require fancy equipment as long as you combine the principles of a healthy habit routine:


  • Good sleep habits (sleep and wake at the same time each day, feeling well rested)

  • Eating for your body type and activity level (forget the cleanse or keto meal plan your friend is doing)

  • Strategic workouts based on functional metabolic training that adapted for your range of motion and fitness level are highly effective in weight loss, conditioning, and strengthening your body.  Without this, simply getting on the treadmill for an hour 7 days a week will be an uphill climb.


Here’s a tip:


Don’t hang anything on the treadmill or squat rack.  Once you do that, you’ll hang more ‘laundry’. After about two weeks, you’ll have quite an expensive laundry hanger.


Personal or group training online can benefit you in so many ways. You’ll get instant feedback – unlike when you follow a workout on YouTube or a free fitness app. 


Even if you buy the most expensive home gym equipment and subscribe to all the  apps, doesn’t guarantee high-quality results. 


A good trainer can give you the same quality of training online as you’d get in person since they learn about your body condition.  


You won’t be driving anywhere, and you won’t find an excuse! Your screen is right there. 

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