“I’m just not motivated”

“I lost my motivation”


It’s pretty common to think this way, especially when you’ve been so good at ‘eating clean’ and working out.  And I know your mind is in a jumble trying to figure out what is wrong with you since you ‘can’t even follow a plan’.


Let’s start with something you’re forgetting. There’s nothing wrong with you


Secondly, understand that motivation has 2 aspects.


Having extrinsic motivation means you are willing to work towards getting something. That could be a new car, a vacation, or maybe a new pair of shoes.  It lies just outside of your immediate control.  You need to do ‘x’ to get ‘y’.


Having intrinsic motivation means you are something.  You are the person that gets things done. You are the person that has a new car, goes on vacation, and has new shoes.  You don’t need to do x to get y. You are ‘y’.


The difference between the two is the lens through which you size up your goals.


Extrinsic motivation keeps your goals at a distance.  That gap between yourself and that goal appears far and almost unachievable…


For example, if you want to lose 20 lbs, the dress you want to fit into that’s two sizes smaller is what’s going to determine your success or failure.  Being able to fit into it, you’ve succeeded. Not fitting into it, you’ve failed, with a big side serving of doubt and overwhelm.


The problem with this is that you don’t see the smaller markers along the way that signal you’re on the right path anyway.  You may just need to give yourself more time to get there.


Intrinsic motivation keeps your values aligned with your goal. You’re more focused on the behaviors that will get you there (with confidence too). When there’s an obstacle in your way, you’re recalculating how to get around it.  It doesn’t matter how you’re going to do it, you know you’ll get around it.


But the good thing is, you don’t really need either to reach a specific fitness goal.  It’s good to have, but if you ‘lose’ it, don’t sweat it.


Reaching that weight loss goal or going on that vacation you dreamed of only requires a small dose of daily discipline. 

These little disciplined actions add up – though you can’t immediately see it – to BIG results.  You already have this discipline when you show up to work everyday (even when you don’t want to).


You’ve done amazing things so far with this habit of discipline, like completing a certification or degree, or raising children into adults when you had no idea how to change a diaper when you first became a parent.  So if you don’t feel motivated, don’t lose any sleep over it. You know what you need to do to get it done. 


 All you have to do is put aside what’s easy for just a fraction of your day – every day – and build the life you want.

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