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for people tired of the

diet and fitness bs

Is your self-talk dragging you down, even after you work out and eat well? 

Is the scale how you decide if you’ll have a good day or a bad day?

Do you have a hard time figuring out how to eat “clean”?

The HUB is all about helping you speed up fat loss, living better,

and having fun finding your fitness adventure . . .

without all the BS.

Get off the scale and get unstuck

Boost your body confidence

Get a community that lifts you up

Be accountable even on your bad days

Online Training

We totally get it! If time or health issues are keeping you from going to the gym, you can still be healthy and active right at home.

We’ve created a program that only takes 30 minutes a day, five days a week!

Use your existing equipment and follow our LIVE workouts or exercise to the replays on your own time.  You’ll love this if you upgraded your home gym to keep up your training, in case of another lockdown!

With a focus on exercise modifications and community vibes, we’ll bring the fun back to your workouts while you boost your metabolism and lose inches!


It’s best to have a variety of training styles, not just to keep your interest, but to challenge your body. Get access to a database of functional workouts with just one click. 

Take your pick from easy-to-follow HIIT, Yoga, TRX, Yoga/TRX and outdoor training sessions to do on your own time. The workouts periodize your training and optimize results, no matter what fitness level you are.

If you prefer going to the gym but don’t know where to start or how you can change up your routine, we’ve got a variety of machine workouts you can take to your local gym.


 We want your transformation to last, so we know how important knowing the right nutrition plan is. Keeping it intuitively simple for your body type, environment, work schedule, budget, and your exercise activity is the only plan that lasts.

Adapting your nutrition to your lifestyle makes a lot more sense than overhauling your life to meet your nutrition goals!

Explore the different channels inside the Hub to learn how to level up your cooking skills or find out what’s trending in the diet and fitness industry so you know if it’s right for you.


Chances are, you’ve been told to cut carbs, try a cleanse, or balance your hormones at some point.

Or you’re either eating too much or too little

No one ever told you you’re just right.

We know it can be overwhelming  . . .  we tend to carry a lot more than just our body weight. . . 

Misinformation – and the beliefs you’ve held onto for so long – keeps you on a roller coaster of up and down weight loss.

The truth is, food restriction and exercise guilt aren’t the best way to improve your fitness.

If you were given the tools to cultivate a healthy mindset, improve what’s already working, and workout for your body type and lifestyle, you would transform your body and boost your confidence.

Your clothes will fit better and you’ll never get tired of compliments . . . 

When you filter out what isn’t working, you’ll notice things will just click.

And this feels good.


“I come from a very athletic upbringing. I played elite level soccer at a provincial and national level. I’ve played competitive basketball and volleyball… then life happened. I had reached my heaviest… ever… and need a change. I needed something different, but challenging. I found all this and more at Airdrie Fit Body Bootcamp. I get challenging workouts that change daily. I get focused workouts for legs/abs/upper or a combination for a full body workout. There have been days I can hardly make it up the stairs at home or roll over in bed because I worked muscles I forgot I even had. I’m not complaining, it’s what I signed up for and it’s why I show up almost every day… What I didn’t know I was signing up for was the support. This incredible group (staff and fellow clients) who cheer each other on daily. A group of strangers a month ago who WANT you to succeed. In just over ONE MONTH, I am: 11 lbs lighter 7.5 inches smaller 6% body fat slimmer I still have about 40 lbs I’d like to lose… but I know if I continue with this I CAN!!! I manage my own food and workout on my own when I can’t attend a session- but it works. You just have to put in the effort, trust your coaches and embrace the support”

Evelyn Murphy

“If I could give 10 stars for the staff, I would!
I feel so comfortable every time I set foot in the gym. One of the best decisions I’ve made was to start my journey with this wonderful group of people.”

Jessica Blondeau

“I have been attending Boot Camp since the end of September and am really happy that I took the chance and checked them out. The format of half hour group sessions really works for me. The biggest thing though is the environment – Daniel and his staff go out of their way to be welcoming and challenging as do my fellow boot campers! There is a wide range of support here. The depth of the training is extraordinary, Daniel, Max and Kass are well educated and motivated trainers who I feel genuinely care about ensuring that the people they train are successful. If you are looking for a place where you can learn, be motivated and challenged no matter your fitness level – take the chance and walk in and talk to Daniel or Rebekah. I am very happy that I did.”

Shannon Isaac

“Truly amazing place. This is my favourite place to be. From the amazing owners and coaches, to the equally amazing members that I get the privilege of working out next to. I walked through the doors feeling like a 90 yr old and now I feel better then ever! It is not just the physical here it is the whole package. Literally when you sign up be prepared to gain a family!”

Robb Grinsted

…and get a workout guide tailored to your body type…

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We know you can get this stuff for FREE online, but what makes our workouts different is that they are created by our coaches for our members, and not copied and pasted from other online sources.  They’re uniquely designed for real people with real mobility issues.

With these workouts, you’ll take your body from where it is now to a more flexible, conditioned body.  Based on functional metabolic science, these 30 min HIIT body weight workouts will get you moving a little better than you were before. And as you learn the movements, you improve your body awareness, which improves your body confidence.

And what would a workout plan be without a nutrition component? We’ve included a complimentary macronutrient success guide to get you thinking about how to put your meals together, whether you’re counting calories or not.  Understand the nutrient density of your foods and estimating your hand portions to optimize the 7-Day Workout plan.



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